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Hexahedron Wars: Mobile Strike


Hexahedron Wars: Mobile Strike is a turn based strategy game. Two or four players work methodically to move their hexahedron soldiers across the battle grid in an attempt to conquer their opponent’s home base. Players will use logic, cunning, and pure luck to obtain ultimate victory.

H.W.M.S. includes various levels of difficulty creating variety of game play and interest across a large age range. Encounters last fifteen to thirty (15 - 30)  minutes.

For a limited time the first 100 are serialized and proceeds are being donated to Play Board Games in Beaumont, Alberta.


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Laser Cut Paper Landscapes


These 3-dimensional landscapes are created with a combination of Laser cut wood as well as various colours of paper. These intriguing pieces of art can give your space hat little splash of luminosity you've been looking for.

3D Mountain Landscape

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Wood Greeting Cards


Tired of giving the same expensive greeting cards that your significant other keeps throwing away? Why not give them something that they will remember with our 3-d puzzle cards. These easy to assemble gifts are fun for the whole family and make wonderful collectible keepsakes.

Tired of giving the same old greeting ca

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Laser Cut Wood Ornaments & Wood Gifts

Starting at $4.00

Featuring an array of laser cut wood ornaments made for your special someone. these are perfect souvenirs for any occasion such as holidays, birthdays, and even family socials.


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Cross-Stitch Creations

Starting at $8.00

Our Laser cut wood ornaments are cross-stitched by hand to create one of a kind, tokens bursting at the seams with variations of colour.

Craft sale day at landing trail school i

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Contraptions, Containers & Home Decor

Starting at $15.00

Perpetual Calendars, Storage Boxes and a little bit of Nerd. Come explore our collection of things for the office and the game table.


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Custom Creations


Can't seem to find that perfect keepsake or have an idea for one? Please contact us and we would be happy to design and create a product with your own personal touch!

Need a personalized plaque with a unique

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