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Custom Creations

One thing that we get asked all the time is "Can you do custom?" The answer is Yes. We are constrained by the materials we can use and the time it may take to design something but we are always willing to try and find that perfect item for you. All of the items below were requested by someone and we worked with them to find the unique item that fit their needs and the Clockwork Contraptions aesthetic.

Our First Custom

What could be more appropriate as our first custom item than our very own wedding invite! We've always loved the wood look and our style is very much along the lines of old world and steam punk. 

Made from 1/8 inch birch balsa we engraved the important details on the front and had the ampersand cut out for dramatic effect. On the back we had our RSVP label that held in a removable piece of paper with a map because most of our guests weren't familiar with our slightly obscure choice of venue. 

Cost of mailing it? Well we were lucky!

We only had to mail two and the rest were hand delivered. 

Need a personalized plaque with a unique
Family Tree

This custom was requested by a family member. She wasn't able to make it to a friends wedding because she was already attending someone else's. Circumstance happened they weren't able to see each other for quite a while because of distance. 

She was able to attend the baptism of their second child so she brought them a home warming gift. A beautiful family tree with a plaque hanging down with their family name. The tree was made from 1/4 inch birch balsa.

Wedding Guest Book

Families and individuals are intertwined by weddings every day. This unique puzzle guest book shows that we all fit together helping each other be complete. Once it was completely cut out, each puzzle piece could be signed by the couples guests and put together. 

Made from birch balsa the outer frame was attached to a full size back piece so that the puzzle pieces could sit inside of it.

Greeting Card

This was a greeting card done for Market Drugs Medical. They had all their staff sign the gift tag on the side so it could be kept by those receiving them and then the little gingerbread house could be built as a keep sake. Both portions featured the store logo.

Greeting Cards are made from 1/8" MDF so that the joining pieces fit nice and snug together.

Cake Toppers

Creative cake toppers add that little bit extra to those decadent desserts. We've done two to date. The first being for a family members 90th birthday and the second being recently done for our cousins wedding. 

They are made from 1/8" MDF and finished with a food safe clear coat.

Wedding Sign

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Haynes. What a beautiful wedding it was. This sign features a removable stand so that in the future it can be hung on a wall or the stand can be use for it on a mantle.

The sign and the stand were both made from 1/4" MDF and then sanded for a sleek finish.

Custom Engraving

In the summer of 2019 we were asked to engrave this extremely sentimental piece for Todd's family.


Emotion ran high as we watched the engraving unfold before our eyes. The other side features name and the beautiful team of horses shown at the top of this page.

This beautifully hand crafted maple box was fabricated by another family member for this special purpose.

Custom Paper Landscapes

Our paper landscapes are one of our best sellers. Every once in a while we get a request for something different we are willing to explore ideas.


Recently a client asked for "A Purple Bear". We sent the client a picture of the different colours we had that would work well and mocked up a digital copy of what the combinations could potentially look like. 

Below is a three piece series requested by another client. These are the digital mock-ups sent for final approval of the client.

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