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Hexahedron Wars: 
Mobile Strike

Your Guide to a Great Game!

Below is the current set of rules. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

If you already own Hexahedron Wars: Mobile Strike and you need a copy of the updated rules, please contact us and we will send you a free updated copy!

Setting up the Battlefield

Two Player Set up

Keep on die as your WAR DIE and place the remaining seven (7) along the HOME BASE. Look for this solid square mark on each side of the board to place your dice. Each die should have the six facing up and the same number facing toward each player.


Four Player Set up

Each player sets up three (3) dice in the corner (indicated with a hollow square) of the board with each player retaining a die as their WAR DIE. Your opponent is the HOME BASE diagonal across the board.


Three Player Set Up

(Added March 2019)

For a three player game follow the four player set up. The fourth HOME BASE is filled with randomly chosen VICTORY BLOCKERS. The third player must remove the VICTORY BLOCKERS (See Victory Blocker Rules) then the blockers are removed from the game. After they are removed the third player is safe in the home base.

*Note - You can always move for a better score after you remove the blockers


Let the War Begin!

The Rules of Engagement & the Art of Warfare

The Basics of Movement

Taking turns, each player will turn one die up to three (3) spaces left, right, forward or backward according to the number of dots on the top of the die. During any part of your turn, you may JUMP or WAR JUMP.

  •  5 - 6 Dots: Move up to 3 Spaces

  • 3 - 4 Dots: Move up to 2 Spaces

  • 1 - 2 Dots: Move up to 1 Space

Players cannot move diagonally. HOME BASES are safe zones.

Players can only enter their starting and finishing HOME BASES. 


Regular Jumping

When your die is directly adjacent to one of your opponents you might be able to JUMP over it. Your ability to jump is determined by the number on the top of the dice at the moment of the JUMP. You can jump before, after or in the middle of your movement on your turn.

  • If your die has the HIGHER number: You may jump, no penalty.

  • If your die is EQUAL or LOWER: You may choose to WAR JUMP!

If you do choose to jump, your die will keep the same number that is currently facing up. 

ex. A six (6) will remain a six (6)

Where possible, you may choose to jump more than once and you can jump IN to a HOME BASE.

You cannot jump OUT of your own HOME BASE or if your die will end up outside the board.


War Jumping

If the attacking player has a number EQUAL or LOWER to their opponent then  you may WAR JUMP. The attacker must specify who they wish to engage in combat. Each player then rolls their WAR DIE to determine the victor.

  • Attackers WAR DIE is Higher: Victory!

  • Attackers WAR DIE is Lower: Defeat!

  • Attacker and Defender Tie: Roll Again


VICTORY! Jump and retain your number on your die. If you have not already moved your die, you may do so now. Your opponent rolls the defeated die and returns to their HOME BASE with the rolled number facing up.

DEFEAT! The loosing die is returned to its starting HOME BASE. To determine the number it now starts with, roll it and then place it into any open slot in your HOME BASE. If there is no open spot, see the War Monger Rule.

*** While not mandatory, shouting "WAR!" is highly recommended! ***


War Monger Rule

Declaring "WAR!" on an opponent doesn't come with out some risk to either side. If the defeated player has no open spaces on their

HOME BASE the die is permanently removed from the battlefield for the remainder of the game.

Check the board carefully at this point. In some cases this may result in the game ending. See "End of Play" for more details.

Capturing the Enemy

Prisoners may be captured and removed from the battlefield. To do so, a players die must be surrounded in their starting HOME BASE or amid the battlefield. In some cases this may involve the assistance of other players. 

Even if the captured die has a higher number, it is still removed from the game.

A die that is currently in the finishing HOME BASE of their player is considered safe and cannot be captured unless they venture back out of their safe zone and on to the battlefield. 



The battle comes to an end once the player has successfully moved all their dice to the other players HOME BASE. 

The Ultimate Hexahedron Wars: Mobile Strike winner is the player who has the highest total on

the dice facing up in their opponents HOME BASE

Mobile Strike: Escalation Rules


Claiming Victory Blockers

Up your Hexahedon Wars: Mobile Strike by adding VICTORY BLOCKERS to your game. Before the start of the game, each player takes turns adding a randomly chosen tile anywhere on the board, number side facing up.

You cannot place a VICTORY BLOCKER on a HOME BASE, but it may be placed adjacent to them. During game play, a player may conquer a blocker by turning their die on to that space with the matching number facing up on your die. 

The victor of that space receives one BONUS victory point.

Claiming Victory Blockers (cont.)

The VICTORY BLOCKER that has been claimed is now turned face down and can be placed on any unoccupied space on the board except a HOME BASE or adjacent to another claimed VICTORY BLOCKER. A face down tile is now a blocker that cannot be occupied by a die for the rest of the game.

Use them to block your enemy, but be careful, you may end up blocking yourself!

Suggested VICTORY BLOCKER amounts:

Easy: 2      Medium: 3      Hard: 4

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