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Laser Cut Paper Landscapes

We added 3-Dimensional paper landscapes in the spring of 2018. Until this point we had only done a few Christmas markets, with mixed results. One thing people were really interested in were our laser cut wood products. 

We entered our very first spring market and had to quickly figure out something new and not seasonal to add to our repertoire. From our custom wood 3D scenes Todd sparked the idea to make them from paper allowing us to add colour and another unique flare to Clockwork Contraptions.

Every time we cut one of these gorgeous pieces of art we use different colours. Choosing what ever happens to suit our colour palate desires of the day. Always available individually we also now have Three Collections.

Escape to the Mountains

Serene, Calm, and Breath Taking ... Canada's Rocky Mountains are sure to be awe inspiring. This scene helps you reflect when you can't be there all the time. Majestic Mountains rising high above head and reflecting in the crisp cool water below.

Escape to the Mountains was our very first 3D paper scene. It started in bright purples and pinks and has come in blues and blacks.

Train Expedition

A young man at our first spring show said to us "I really love trains" and that weekend we made our very first train landscape with a steam train traveling off to an unknown location in the distance.

Although not modeled off a specific bridge it has been likened to that of a trestle bridge near Mayerthorpe, Alberta and a journey off to the mystical Hogwarts.

Destination - Imagination!

Deer in the Woods

This magnificent buck stands proud in the woods he calls home, hoping to never be caught by a hunter that may have him in his sight. 

Layers of trees here allows us to create the depth of the forest around him. This landscape scene was originally done in wood and can still be ordered that was as custom order.

The Canadian Wilderness

Lone Wolf

The wolf was our very first peak through silhouette introduced in the fall of 2018.


Not only do you get the sleek wolf up front but you get a glimpse of the mountains and a full moon.

Soaring Eagle

Soar above a beautiful river and across rolling hills with this majestic eagle peak through silhouette.


The river and sky can sparkle with the rays of the mid day sun.

Bear in the Wild

The third installment of our peak through silhouettes is a bear walking through the forest.


Another representation of the Canadian wilderness features mountains and trees.

African Safari Collection

Elegant Elephants

This beautiful landscape is one of three now in our African Safari collection. 

The focal point of this beautiful piece are two large pachyderms strolling gracefully across the landscape of rolling hills. They are joined by some antelope and wild water buffalo.

Statuesque Giraffe

The second in our African Safari Collection is our giraffe that stands tall among it's surroundings.

Now available in colours that coordinate with the rest of the safari collection our giraffe was first completed in dark shades as if the sun was setting in the distance.

Pride of Lions

These regal lions fill out our trio of the African Safari Collection.


The pride fills out the front of the scene with some hyenas and a vulture in the background.

Depths of the Ocean

Scuba Diver

From the caves above and into the ocean below. Our scuba diver has delved into the ocean and shines his light to see what untold tales he can find.

Fish swim around him and he is surrounded by beautiful coral while the water behind reflects light.


You never know what may be lurking below on the ocean floor just waiting to be discovered.

Today we've come across a shipwreck on the floor of the ocean with a shark swimming by. This design will be making it's debut at our spring 2019 shows.


Introduced in the spring of 2019 we round out our Depths of the Ocean series.

What adventures could this submarine come across as it explores the deepest parts of the ocean?

Single Designs

Nativity Scene

Many of our homes have nativity scenes come Christmas time. Our nativity 3D scene takes this timeless favourite and gives it a modern art twist.

The back is cut so that the star appears. We often display this one with a single LED light behind the star to make it shine brighter.

Lets Go Spelunking

This adventure into a cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites is our only 3D landscape to feature a paper cut out layer on the front of the frame.

Peer in to this cave and wonder about all the treasures you could fine on your journey.

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