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Laser-Cut Wood Ornaments & Gifts

Ornaments are something we always need. They can be every day or seasonal but they always have a place in our homes and offices to make the spaces uniquely ours. Laser-Cut Wood Ornaments where the first creations we brought out and sparked imagination of the people we met. We are always tinkering with new ideas.

Seasonal Ornaments
Reindeer &
Christmas Tree

The original Christmas decorations. Both can fold flat for easy storage and can be placed on a shelf during the holiday season.

Small Hanging Ornaments

Sometimes a simple ornament is all you need to add flare. These ornaments are small and cost effective for any budget from kids to adult gift exchange

Christmas Tree

Who says your wooden tree has to look the same as every other Christmas tree? This swirling tree is a different look and flat packs for easy storage!

Star Globe & Christmas Orange 

With some assembly required you can use these two ornaments in different ways. We recommend a touch of glue and then you can hang it from your Christmas tree or assemble it gently and place it on  a shelf.

Gingerbread House

This quaint wooden ginger bread house is a sweet way to shed some holiday cheer. Easy to build, he comes originally on a single sheet that you can push apart and assemble the first time. It is also easy to disassemble and store once the season is over.

Snowflake Snow Globe

On a shelf or in a tree, these snow globes add a touch of charm. As with the rest of the decor they are easy to disassemble and pack flat.

Gifts for All Occasions
Family Tree

Originally from our Mother's Day card we've adapted this into an larger tree. It can be painted, or jewels of birthstones added to it. Some have even used it as an earring holder.

Tractor Ornaments

Everyone loves a tractor! One of our most popular simple ornaments is sure to please every farmer in your life.

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