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 Hexahedron Wars:

Mobile Strike

Created by

Todd McConnell

I’ve always wanted to design a board game. There were a few different ideas floating around in my mind, but one was able to rise to the surface and become reality: Hexahedron Wars. I knew I wanted to use dice and planed for it to be a game as simple as checkers but with a dash of chess added in. Luck is always part of a good game. I started off with paper and pen, then moved onto the computer for after a while. Then after consulted with my wife a few different times and eventually decided to make a prototype and we took it camping.

The kids really enjoyed playing it but didn’t quite grasp the full concept of it all. Its full-size board and all the pieces in a separate container were awkward to carry around, and it took quite a while to play.


I redesigned the game into a smaller version and I called it Hexahedron Wars: Mobile Strike. It was something that could go camping, something that would not take up a lot of space on a shelf at home, and best of all it was something that was uniquely designed by me.


The board became smaller and I designed a box that all the pieces were self-contained in. I made it from a single piece of wood that was cut in a way that allows it to bend. Once closed the game is slightly larger than a book. Best of all with storage inside for all the dice needed and the game board attached it was all one unit. With this concept I took a head long leap into going to the 2018 Edmonton Prototype Convention(EPOC). I wanted to show case the game and get feed back, to see if others were interested in matches of my game where you could find the excitement of multiple jumps in a row, challenging others to war, and strategy that could be changed by the roll of a single die.

The first day brought some disappointment: there were some harsh critiques that shook my confidence and I wasn't sure where to go. But I refused to be defeated so I stayed up late that night and worked out some revisions and went back the next day.


The second day of EPOC led to insightful criticism and even some praise. I added Victory Blockers to help steer the opposing players into different results and in the end I came out winning the prize “Best Game Mechanic”, as voted by other attendees and play testers. They loved the way the dice were used and how it played across the board. I knew this was the idea to go forward with.


Over the last two years the rules have changed as we've received more feedback and more play testing. What was originally a two-player game expanded into a four-player game. In 2019 we added three player rules and are still looking for more feed back and input on them.


Quality and authenticity is important to me; thus every game has been produced by my wife and I, the wood is all sourced from North American manufacturers, and the instructions are printed in a local printing company.


We are always look for more feed back on our game; every great game can improve some how. If you have any ideas, concerns, or compliments please feel free to fill out our feedback form.

Play Board Game Cafe

The first one hundred copies of Hexahedron Wars: Mobile Strike will be serialized and have a laser engraved front. A portion of the proceeds will go to a friend who is trying to open Play Board Game Cafe in Beaumont, Alberta.

Update: As of the end of 2019 we are officially at 92/100 sold! We are working on our new edition now.

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