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Home & Office Decor

Clockwork Contraptions started with some small ideas that turned into big ideas. All of our Laser-Cut products can be used to add a unique touch to your home, your office and are great gifts and keepsakes. They are all a category of their own and you can find them all below!

Home & Office Decor

Perpetual Calendar

Tire of buying a new calendar every year? Have limited space in your home or at your office? 

The Perpetual Calendar is the last calendar you'll ever need to buy. Simply move the laser-cut slider to the first day of the month and you'll always have the right days to go by. Some discretion is needed though as certain months (February) will have extra days showing.

In the Spring of 2019 we updated this product. It no longer comes in a plastic bag, but is now 'flat-packed'

Available for $15.00

The Tea House

This quaint little tea house is bound to be a topic of conversation when you have guests in your kitchen.


Remove the roof and add your favourite tea bags inside or put in a small tin of your favourite loose leaf or a jar of coffee beans waiting to be ground.

The little side yard is a perfect place to keep some sugar and spoons for you and your guests.

In the Spring of 2019 we updated this product. It no longer comes pre-assembled, but is now 'flat-packed'

Available for $20.00

A Touch of Nerd

Dice Storage Box

The world of gamers is here and having dice for many is very important. Your dice boxes take a standard design and add some flare so you can have a unique and functional product to protect, gift and store your dice.

Coming soon for $15.00

Custom top $30.00 & Up

Dice Rolling Tray

This deluxe rolling tray gives you the perfect place to roll your natural 20 and keep your dice organized.

Coming soon for $30.00

Custom top for $60.00 & Up

Dice Tower

The fair way to roll. Let your gravity take over and knock your dice around for a truly random out come. This basic dice tower can also function as a storage box.

Coming soon for $20.00

Custom front $40.00 & Up


The Marble Machine

From the start we always loved mechanical devices made from wood. That little bit of old school touch to a fantastic invention. That is where we found the marble machine.

Turn the crank on this brilliant little machine and the ball bearings are brought to the top and and the whirl to the bottom of the slide.

*** Currently Unavailable ***

A the end of 2018, we sent the marble machine on a retirement trip. We are hoping to revamp and renew it in the future, we just have a few flaws to work out.

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